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Developer Talk with Ramón Huidobro (Freelance Developer)

Developer Talk with Ramón Huidobro about his software developer career.

What is Developer Talk by Horm Codes?

I would like to show you the variety of options for being an SW developer. I would like to do that by streaming interviews with SW developers from different companies and different tech positions.

Ramón Huidobro

Ramón is a freelancer who is active in the developer community. He’s been actively working with children, refugees as well as software developers both new and experienced. I saw Ramón’s talk on DevFest Prague and I think he can provide really good inspiration for your SW developer career.


  • Developer career starts (education, selecting segment, projects, etc.)
  • Ramon’s projects (Renamer, Dance Mat, Where2Help, etc.)
  • Work-life as freelancer
  • Developer Communities
  • Latest trends in SW development


Recording with the chat is on my Twitch.

I hope it was and it will be inspiring for other developers. There is still room for improvements from my side as a host but I’m going to continue with this project.